Sunday’s views

Well, several of you suggested I do a blog with my ramblings of views out my window etc.. so here it is. (You know who you are, right?)

Out my office window  the sky is slowly turning from dark to cold gray with hint of blue.  The big tree at orchards corner to east, naked of leaves now, is shivering in the breeze.  My big (I think blue spruce) in back yard sits clothed in deep green needles.. some with a frosting of white.  Many little birds live there. (and Tobasco likes to live under it in summer’s heat)  

Out to the west a huge silvery moon is slowly dropping below the mountains.  Tonight it will reappear in east coming up over the red and gray and rocky east mountains.  It is such a joy to watch either sun rise or sunset here.  No matter which way you look, east or west, the sky and mountains are a changing tapestry of color and textures.  God’s hand in art is all around me, and brings a smile to my face no matter how bad the day (or night) has been.

Well, that is it for this am.  God willing (and computer working right) I will type again tomorrow.

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