Monday morning view,,, inside and out and slow

Day 2 of this and I am getting it figured out.. I hope.  

the outside view is of dawn doing it’s thing… dawning.. slow, cold, pink on top of dark mountains with icey blue above.  Dogs are at front window yapping at kids walking to the bus. The sky over that way is also cold blue.  (If I dont pull the shade up right away in am, then Tabasco and Apollo stand in middle of house and bark. )  

The big trees with no leaves are still, as is the big evergreen in back yard… gues there is no wind today!

Inside the house is a desaster of fibers and fabric waiting for my “living room” sale this week.  I need to reduce (more ways than one!) and have much leftover from needle work store.  So we will see how it goes… and speaking of going.. I had best get going and set up stuff around the living room etc for sale. 

The moon is like a huge silver dollar in the western sky and gives me hope for tomorrow.

Nancy the stitchy one….

PS.. you dont have to join anything or go thru FB to leave a comment here.. it just holds the comment untill I approve it .. avoiding junk stuff since I have this site fairly open for reading.  THANKS N

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