Monday night at the pool

The pool,  Cedar City Aquatic Center… a beautiful schwimmbad,(sp? German Swim complex) a competition pool, kiddo pool complete with mini tube slide and huge bucket of water that regularly dumps into the pool.  Oh, and a huge tube that snakes around out side (totally enclosed ) and is for big kids… nope not me! My favorite spot is the “lazy river”.  No, I don’t just float along.  In the mornings you can walk backwards against the current.. I am not too good at that. 21 laps makes one mile.. some folks go 48 times around! every day!  There is also a nice lap pool for use by everyone.  (this place is so set up that it has a ramp for handicap use, even to roll wheel chairs down into the nice warm water.  ( they use a lot of solar panels to run this place!)

But the people.. tonight was “family night’  and some bunches of people were all in the pools.. but, off to one side of pool sat three ladies, fully dressed, playing on cell phones while kids swam. And… a guy with his laptop, plugged in to a wall outlet!  No clue who his kids were.  There were quite a few teens working out in the competition pool, so one of them might have been with the guy. (altho he was around corner from that pool.

It is not unusual to see people with prosthetic legs in the pool and even in the hot tub.  Mornings are more of those of us doing our PT, walking or doing our own thing, and some doing the water aerobics!  Lots of people come for physical therapy as long as they can do it on their own.

Since this is largely a Mormon town, a lot of folks are wearing very conservative swim suits, but one very  preg. lady (may or may not be Mormon) was sitting by the hot tub, talking to her husband… her suit was one of the smallest black bikini I have ever seen. (and I was raised in Fla on the west coast…think Beaches).

After walking the river, swimming a few laps, and doing some work out stuff, I flip over and float on my back to just relax.  Given the currents in the river, connected to the short lap pool, I can just drift along looking up into the roof. (when walking I get to see out windows to the mountains and watch the changing weather)  Relaxing, it is about time I did that often… and water is a key.

I spent many hours at the beach (not sunbathing, mostly walking in the sand and surf. ) Watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico, or riding horses down the beach.  That was back in the day when Dunedin Beach was fun.  I also spent time at my aunt’s house and she had the beach in her back yard.  Later my Dad and Mom moved to Clearwater, on the beach and with a pool… they waited until several of us had moved out of the house 🙂

Well, enough rambling for tonight!

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