Black Friday and yep, it is still dark outside.

And NO, I am not shopping.  I did stop at Sears last night on the way home from kids house.  Had a pre arranged deal with salesman on getting my garden tractor. (30 % off ) so I went in to run the charge card on it.  In and out of store in 20 min.  and tractor will be delivered monday.

I had put in much consideration and 5 months of living here before I decided that I really did need the tractor.  The back easement has to be mowed monthly and the orchards every two weeks.  I messed up the blade on the regular mower just doing the easement.  (neighborhood kids toss all kinds of stuff over fence… and thier dad doesn’t mow the back of the yard even!)  So by waiting till yesterday I saved enough pennies to get the tractor and one attachment (actually two as it takes a sleave hitch attachment also).  So the box scraper is ordered too.  Long gravel drive needs leveling every time it is wet and truck drives on it!  Doing that with the hoe will not work.. tried it, not fun!

OK<<< some spelling errors and stupid computer dosnt want to fix them>>>

The 16 fruit trees should also arrive on Monday!  holes are already dug for them.  Ordered from Stark Bros nursery, all bare root 2 to 3 year old trees.  Apples, apricots, pears and plums this go round.  I have enough room for more later.  Oh, and they are all dwarf except the apples which are semi dwarf.  That will get the east orchard off to a good start.  The west orchard is fairly established with seveal apples, a pear and peaches.  And I think one cherry tree.  That will need net to battle the birds.  As you can tell, I will be very busy over the next few years. 🙂

The Berry patch is going to need lots of work and this winter trimming out the old cains.. hope I do it right.  I will add to the raspberries and blackberries next year.  Had one raspberry last year and it was great.

OK,,, figured out the spell check… have to fix one word, then type a line then go back and fix another word.. pain in fingers.

Now it is sunny out, I had to take a break to go to pool.. trying to keep body in shape.. given that I cant do much out door work in winter, I need exercise!

Hope you all have had a good Thanksgiving and dont forget…. Sat. noon mtn time

UW will be beating the Utah football team!!!  🙂

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