View out window on Mon after tree planting

AH,,, 15 fruit trees arrived this am and are now in the east orchard.  Took me little over an hour to get them in the ground since 1.  they were bare root trees  2.  holes were dug several weeks ago thanks to neighbors.  Apollo did try to help with planting.. dug in a few of the holes before trees went in and tried to ‘water’ atleast one tree… muddy foot prints tell all !!

The sky to the east is turning shades of gray fluff, bits of blue and sunsetting oranges, sort of ‘creamsicle’ colors.  Big trees, yes, I have some left.. are blowing a bit in the breeze, (they call it wind here ).  The western sky is awash in huge gray cloud with a golden bottom.  The dark mountain with smattering of snow is directly below the big cloud.  Yes, tonight we should get winter again. (hope my little trees are ready for it)

Today was also supposed to be arrival of new garden tractor.. but it wouldn’t start so they are not delivering it till it runs… yea for that..   Jef met me at Home Depot to get wood to enclose the one pole barn.  Glad he has a truck.  And he was beyond helpful on how much wood, what kind (altho I did veto some more expensive wood for part of it)  and ideas on how to build it. Never hurts to get a second opinion on stuff.

Well, I need to do layout of orchard,,, what tree is where etc.. and probably should do some stitching tonight… Torrie is way ahead on the EGA GCA black work project!!

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