Let it snow!!!

Woke up to at least 10 inches of snow.. yes I went out and measured it.  Really strange here… snow falls mostly straight down. In WY it goes sideways.  At about 16 degree F I was worried about car starting but no problem.. I can hit button from inside house and start it!  I will have to venture out later this am to go to town..  ( need meds, Torrie needs seal a meal bags etc… oh, and I get stur crazy with all this snow!) 

My stupid spell check has gone on strike so forgive miss spellings…

  As day dawns, the white outside is getting brighter, and more snow falling, not much.. almost too cold to do much snow.  The mountains both east and west are hardly visable.  I can see autos and trucks running the interstate, but not fast 🙂  Think I will wait a few hours before heading in… It is about a 5 mile drive to town so I need to wait to see which way to go.. interstate, back road or the frontage road..decisions decisions.

My little fruit trees are sitting up to a foot deep in snow but I am glad I got them in when I did.  They should be fine come spring.  As many of you know, I am allergic to Bees.. and what am I doing… ordering Bees.. but not the ones that like to sting.  I found out about Mason Bees.. very gentle solitary, and great pollinators. so that is what I will get. 

Time to get off computer, finnish eating oatmeal and clean office.. and stitch!!!

have a great day 

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