the Messiah last night

Joanne R and I went to the production of Messiah last night in Cedar City.  This was the 73ed presentation by the Orchestra of Southern Utah and the Southern Utah Chorale…  (full details about the director etc are at

Since I grew up listening to ‘clasical’ music I figured I would enjoy the evening… did not compute to my tired brain that ear infection etc. would make life tough.  By the time I left, my ears were not happy, nor was my attitude. (Sorry Joanne, I am glad you invited me but ears win out)  All I could think of on the drive home was…. I think hair bands and acid rock would be better at this point, followed by southern gospel!..   

The soloists hit some serious high notes, and technically I could say they were very good at singing… but.. my head 😦

The director was much fun to watch and he really got into his music, they had a back rail on his conducting stand, and I could see why.. Kept waiting for him to bounce off one of the sides of the stand!! he didnt thank goodness.

Well,  Today I got meds for ear infection, sinus infection etc.. no wonder I felt rotten last night.  Only problem.. the one antibiotic is the size of a horse pill… 1 inch by half inch.. if I dont choke on them I should get well… 

Merry Christmas to all… more later

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