The end of another year…

As 2013 winds to an end, life is good.

Everyone always sends nice letters (at least 3 folks sent them to me) about how everyone did this past year.  Here is mine…

January was partly spent in Utah.. then fighting rotten roads/ snow etc to drive back to Wheatland.  It sucked!  the drive part that is.

Feb… dont really remember much.. was working at getting Joanne back to WY

March/April.. Joanne came home and we spent Easter in Utah.. I think we both figured out that we needed to move there.

May … I think was moving Joanne to her new condo .. beautiful spot.. And more trips to Cedar City to find my new spot!   really sick of the long drives!

June was EGA stitching in Grand Junction, CO and finally signing papers on my new place… back to WY to pack up Motor Home and dogs for move.

July found me, and dogs in Utah… camping out part of month in yard of my new place.. waiting for past owner to get moved out.  Finaly moving in and getting a new bed.  (couldnt move furniture  till I sold Cole St house)

Aug… and a buyer for Cole st house was at hand!   Working long hours on my yard, gardens, orchard, berry patch etc.

Sept … finally last drive to WY to pack up and sign house papers.. at least I think that was the month!

Oct… settling in with my millions.. ok one large moving van’s worth.. of boxes.

Nov.  YEA all stuff is now here.. they had to send a second truck with stuff that didnt fit on first van.. thier mistake as I told them I needed whole van.  And a great Thanksgiving with Torrie and Jef and Joanne and NO DRIVING for a day to get here… we had lots of snow on ground .. much is still there.

Dec.  and Christmas came and went as did 2013.  I am glad to be settled in, have a warm house, crazy dogs, a great place to swim and work out.. and best of all… no more long drives to WY  (11 hrs one way in good weather.. wont talk about bad weather)  I sold the motor home, and bought a garden tractor, much more useful  now.  (Jef promises to work on engine so I can out run all the other garden tractors in the neighborhood.)

So as I head into the new year.. here.. in print are my resolutions (some of which I am already doing)

1.  Stay healthy, work out, and eat right

2.  Keep on track with money..

3. write on blog atleast once a week.

It goes without saying that I will continue to study about God, stitch, and pet the dogs alot!

my heartfelt thanks to all of you and pray that you have a good New Year… 

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