Sunny Sunday morning.

Clear blue sky, trees hardly moving, sun bright.. that is my morning.. wish  my eye lids would stay up as well!

The snow is still covering the ground in the east orchard.. 15 little sticks are my future bunch of fruit trees.  That is if they make it thru this winter… a good test for them.  The west orchard has very wet ground and mostly mature trees. They look good having had a major pruning this summer and fall.  When I got this place in July the orchard and berry patch (along with all the other trees) were neglected.  Some old dry apples were still on the apple trees, probably from the year before.  I think the old man had given up on everything except running his garden tractor/roto tiller around.  Now I have planted cover crops in the east orchard, let the grasses grow in west orchard, trimed fruit trees, had many sick old trees removed, and fertilized and sprayed (organic) every one. Triming up the berry patch has been a challenge… as I have no clue what is there.  He said (the old man) that there were blueberries (I ripped them out, we dont have the right soil pH) Black berrys, raspberry and strawberries.  I am hopeful that the berry bushes come back.. I did get a bit carried away trimming them,,, like all the way to the ground!  Who knows when they were trimmed last, they were wild.  In the spring I hope to identify them and put in more berry bushes, hopefully from local growers.  

The ”greenhouse” he had built, about a 8 X 12 hoop type… was set on atleast 4″ thick concrete that sticks out on both sides at least 12 inches.  And it was placed to the north of the shop… shade in winter!  I tried to use it for lettuce but temps dropped way out.  I will pull it down this spring and am trying to figure out where to relocate it… maybe on south end of shop!  I have two other ‘green houses’ that I brought with me.  One is (frame at least) set up to east of garden shed.  I will use it to harden off plants. (I will probably buy most of my starts from local greenhouse, they do a great job of wide selection of plants. )  The other greenhouse I will be putting up in the main garden.  It will be for extending season and pretty much a perminate fixture.  I would like to make it moveable so I could slide it forward on another bed for following year but dont think that will happen.  It looks like mud may be a problem out there too.

Watching the snow melt is giving me time to see where I have drainage issues.  We have heavy clay in most areas and only a few are improved.  This will be a challange since I am used to Wyoming wind drying stuff out faster!  I decided it is easier to add water than get rid of it!  I am also figuring out where the sun falls in winter, how the wind (if you call 8 mph wind!) blows… we do get a few heavy wind days, but far and few between…  People are saying that this has been the coldest winter they have seen… and it did stay below o for a long stretch.

Well, must get act together for church.  Next post will be on what trees etc I have, and plans for future garden plants.  Have a great day

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