Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument

The view … My day of snowshoeing .. and the view is what made it all worth it. But I am not sure I will do it again….. One mile in.. slightly crusty snow and then every so often… one foot goes woosh, down in soft spot… Very disconcerting. All of this done at over 10 thousand feet up!
We walked about a mile with several stops. Then we got to a Yert. lunch that we packed in and hot chocolate for those that wanted it. We were then on our own (park rangers haveing done the first part.) to snowshoe or walk back on the road/snowmoblie track. Toughest part.. no bathrooms, unless you want to go behind a tree and risk 4 feet of soft snow!!
Now sitting at home, two pain pills, two cups of lemongrass, honey ginger tea and and a trip to the hot tub on the way home… I am getting better. OK,, so often I need to question my sanity! So should I try hang gliding next??? probably not, but who knows what next summer will bring. (my yard and gardening will probably keep me busy)

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