buds on a fruit tree

buds on a fruit tree

The trees in the West orchard are begining to bud! I have fingers crossed to have fruit this year! The East (new orchard) has about 50 % of the little trees have buds. It is a bit early to tell how many of those trees will make it thru the first two years. My biggest concern is about the ground.. we dug the holes with an auger and it may have made the sides of the holes a bit hard panned. I did try to scarify the sides before I planted the trees tho.

The first Master Gardener class was on Soils. A very good class and I even remembered a bunch of college! (very long time ago). Our soil here is much red clay with high pH. So most of my future garden areas will need lots of new organic matter… and some of them will be only done in raised beds. Lucky for me the main garden is more loam… I will be running tests next week on several areas. The only problem is that it is not draining as fast as I am used to.. the area for the perennial/bird/medicinal garden is heavy clay… not good drainage at all.

So I am working my way thru seed catalogues and trying to figure out what is next. But first , more classes. There are 20 classes altogether and lots of work plus a final exam and volunteer hours. There are about 19 people in the class. So next week I will clue you in about what all I am learning.

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