Garden tractor story contuinued

( I have not figured out how to put text and photos on same blog, probably a ‘premium’ thing)

Around 11:30 am today I attacked the “GT”  aka my 2014 red Craftsman garden tractor.  The other day I dropped the mower attachment off in about 35 min!   Now it is time for the scoop blade to go on.

The bottom photo shows all the parts laid out on the ground… there are a lot of parts!  After I popped the brush guard off, about a 5 min. job, I reread the instruction book on assembling the scoop.   Mostly the instructions were good… one spot had a miss lettered part (cant use a cotter pin where a bolt goes)  A few of the pictures were a bit tricky to understand, but when you try to draw a very bent chunk of metal as a one dimensional picture… not easy.

Off to the shop to get tools, which of course I had to go back for the grease gun, and then a new cotter pin (the ones they sent were pretty flimsy.. eventually I will replace all of them.  (I am making a trip to Home Depot or Ace tomorrow to get new wrenches… never fails, the one I really needed was not around!)

Slowly but surely I got it put together.. with a lunch break and a snack break for me and the dogs.. in about 6 hours I was done.  It still needs some adjustments but time for that tomorrow… after I make a quick stop at Sears to “see”  one on the store floor ( hope it is still there).

It has been a long day!  Here is a brief run down of my total activities, I think,  for today.

up at 6am, feed dogs, start load of laundry, start breakfast (cheese grits and fried egg) turn on dish washer, get dressed (swim suit under clothes), Get recycle bags to car, get cleaning in car, pack stitch bag, load swim bag and date book in car, hang laundry on line ( yep, it is 23 deg and dark outside)  and head to the pool. It is now 7:30 am!!   Swim for hour ( water walk and laps and hot tub)  go to recycle place, go by cleaners, head to “The Grind” for my oatmeal and WOW (the fiber group meets there from 10 am to noon.) At 11 am I take Torrie some oatmeal and head home to attack the tractor thing.

No stitching today, but tomorrow I will get back at it…:)

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