Master Gardner class updates

Thurs was on fruit trees and berries.  Very informative, and I seem to be on right track on most of it.  The current berry patch will have to be relocated over next few years.  It faces west,,, high temps in afternoon.  It has huge ‘wind break’ to east… no morning sun.  And I am not sure that some of the bushes didnt have disease.  But no matter, I will leave it to come back this year as I have way to much else to do.

The fruit tree part was also informative …. Now I just have to re evaluate the established trees and set up a prune/water etc schedual for both orchards.  I am doing soil testing (7 tests actually) and sending that in this week.  Yep, tromping thru snow, and hopefully the soil probe will work ok.  At least the little garden will only require 4 holes!  Orchards about 10 each and other areas 5 to 7.  At least this way I am starting off right to figure out what our soils need.,  We have lots of iron, hence red clay.. a lot like Alabama.  But the iron is not usable by most plants!  Iron cirrhosis is a big problem here.   That and high pH.. like around 8!  On the flip side, we can go to local quarries and get lots of volcanic stuff which is great for the ground…. I just  have to find someone with a truck to help me haul it in. ( I will check to see if I can order it delivered)

We had about 6 inches of very wet snow Thurs pm and Friday… driving home from class in blizzard was not fun.  (I live south of town about 4 miles)  So on getting to class Fri I step in edge of gutter and it is deep running very cold water,,, up my leg over my shoe.  What a way to start class.  I did my best to dry foot and went to the Seed Starting Class.

This was the first class that has not been as good as the others.  A very young lady taught it and she needs to work on her teaching/slide show and organizational skills.  I did not stay for the seed saving part.

Well, I need to get out and get soil samples.. it is windy (5 to 10 mph) and cold and wet muddy snow!.. think I will check weather for tomorrows forcast. might be better to wait a day??

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