Master Gardner Weeds class. and other comments

Great class… the instructor Ralph Whitesides Utah State U.   gave a great over view of weeds with emphisis on the Good, Bad and Ugly in Utah.   He was a hoot.  (you almost would have thought there was “weed” smoke in the air)  Utah has 27 on the Noxious Weed list… several are trying to live in my yard!  (but I already knew that)

Cold damp air is floating in tonight… not in the house, but a slow moving fog.  On the way home from class the area where Walmart is was a soft fuzzy pink.  The parking lot lights hitting the fog just right.  Really pretty.  But now I am snug in my house, two clean dogs (trip to groomer to day)  and dreaming of plants for the yard and garden.  If harvests are right, I will have enough produce to do the farmer market in summer.  But first I need to grow it and figure out how much all of us need. Oh, and plant extra peas and beans for Apollo to eat off the vine.  (Apollo is my little black Skipper dog, other wise known as Apollo OH NO!)  I mailed off the soil test stuff today, was only able to get three plots tested.  Several areas had such frozen clay that testing was impossible.  But I did get the main garden, new perennial garden and old orchard tested.

Tomorrow I will spend with Torrie and check out a new restaurant in town.  Not new to town, just to us…

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