a bit behind or very busy week

The weather warmed up and so I have been trying to get stuff done outside!  Oh, and getting some ”hammock” time.  Cloud watching is  a hobby of mine as is bird watching..  I watched 5 or so crows way up in the clear blue sky as they floated on the thermals.  Not a care in the world as the air just floated them around.  (I get a bit of that feeling when lying on my back in the pool.. there are water currents from the water being forced around the ‘lazy river’ part.)

MG classes are going well.  It is a close race as to which of two instructors were the best… the entomologist or the weed guy.  Altho I think the weed guy was best.  Great abilities of both of them to get the key points to be very interesting. Yes, I learn something every time I take a class. They both were able to bring it to a layman’s view and not just make it dumb.

Did get the soil tests back and of the three areas tested (west orchard, main garden and south future planting area) and the south area has high salinity!   At the moment I am running tests on the main garden and south for fertility.  (yes, i have a control test also) I am not sure why the one area is high… but it could be because the area had soil sterilizer applied.  I did notice very few.. like 3 weeds (goatheads) were all that were growing there last year!  If the spinach and peas dont sprout in the test then I will have to reassess how I am going to beautify the area.  (It is an area that you see as you drive up the road and is ugggglyyy)  I really want to put in perennials but dont know… If any of you have ideas let me know please.  (salinity is 4.7 and clay/loam direct sun from all angles all year)

The new orchard (east orchard) with all the baby trees is doing well.  I can see bud swell on almost all the trees!

Did the final set up of garden beds in the main garden.  I had thought my layout last fall was a bit funny looking, it was.  The east and south fences are not square.  So I went back and used the other two fences for my lineup. Now the beds look better.  At this point only the 4 square foot beds have walls around them.  I am not sure how I am going to ‘wall’ the other beds.  There are 5 beds measuring 4 ft by 12 ft each.  This will make crop rotation easy. And I have room for the one green house in side the main garden. (I am hoping for really pushing the grow time for some of my veggies)  This next week I will put down landscape fabric for the walkways… hoping to avoid the mud when wet.

The ‘berry patch’ plan is to see what the berries come up with… so I can try to id the plants.  And one section is going to be asparagus   Martha Washington variety since I like the old types.    There will also be rhubarb and horseradish plants going in that section… but not close to the asparagus!   I am putting in a new new strawberry patch somewhere in the yard… not sure where yet.  (guess I had best get that figured out soon 🙂 )

Well, that is it for tonight on gardening.. probably should do a stitch post.

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1 thought on “a bit behind or very busy week

  1. Daylilies and iris will grow just about anywhere. Which you probably already know. A variety would be very pretty and I really like the continuous bloom ones like the Stella D’Oro’s. A possible option for the “spinach” test area.


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