Garden updates or what’s growing at Nancy’s

Well, it has been a busy week.  Last Fri I went to Home Depot and ordered wood and irrigation stuff for both the main garden and the chicken house. (more on chickens in separate post)

lumber load


I gave up on the soil in the main garden, having found out from a neighbor that the old guy that had this place… improved the garden with lots of fresh manure and who knows what else…hence the high salinity (4.7) and high phosphorus.  So I am going with raised beds – 5 beds 12 ft x 4 ft each with divider in middle of each.   Hence lots of lumber.  A lot of the PVC pipe is for the row covers/ mini high tunnels etc. I will do a photo series of the project.   I did have 4 beds of plastic and here is how that bed building went earlier this week.

Garden Bed dog


Yep, Tobasco took the “bed” to mean he could catch a nap.  Apollo was playing rototiller just out of the photo.

I am using a mix of well composted manure, comercial potting soil (bulk mix of peat, vermiculite and ?? cant remember the rest of the mix)  I will loosen the bottom soil that is already there with a broad fork (wonderful heavy 5 tined digger) then put other mix on top and stir a little of the bottom soil up.. it has a fair amount of clay so that helps the water retention.

I am also putting a 6 x 8 greenhouse in the nw corner of this garden. Frame is together but will put cover on it later.  I am building two beds in it.. both 2 x 6 ft.  I have started both greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers  for in there.  And that brings me to what s planted now….

I have starts of 7 types of tomatoes,,, I will pot them up as soon as they get thier first true leaves. Probably next weekend.  Here are the varieties I have going…all from seed from Territorial Seeds:   Siletz, an extra early one        white current, one of my fav. tiny tomatoes   Nova, Oroma and Glacier all paste sauce ones.. and cobra and applegate for the greenhouse.    I dont really bother with the slicer types as they are hard to get to full size here and besides I want sauces!

Currently we are getting lots of slow soaking rains and I still have not gotten the fertilizer out on the fruit trees 😦    But the new orchard trees all show growth!  We will see if they last for 4 years, then I will be happy.

We did do a propagation class with Master Gardners last week… so I came home and tried (am trying) to start both spider plants and some of my scented geraniums.  So far they seem to be rooting.  We also did starts at the SUU greenhouse and I picked 3 types of house plants for those.

Yesterday we did a walk around the SUU campus to learn about the trees there..  very interesting.   The classes have all been informative and next week is spring break so no class.

I did visit a diffent greenhouse, built in the ground.. 2014-03-02 18.36.31

2014-03-02 18.31.08h

the top photo is the outside, this bottom one is a photo of the inside showing the irrigation system.  I will try to take photos of some of the other interesting greenhouses in the area over the next few months.

Well, that is it from the garden for now..



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