How my garden grows

Today I potted up 4 more tomatos… total of 12 in next set of pots.

I have spent the week working on the raised beds in the main garden. Now if I can figure out where they went in computer land, I will publish photos.

found photos, hope the “gallery” works.  From looking at preview, the photos are up.

each bed is 4 ft x 12 ft and about 8 inches of the soil will be a mix of peat, perlite, composted turkey manure, and other things.. memory is slow tonight.  I loosen the base soil with the mini broad fork. (that soil is the stuff that tested high in salinity and phosphorus.)

the wood is untreated Douglas Fur.  Each  PVC support pipe is 10 inch long 1 1/4 diam.  They are placed every two feet and on corners of each bed.  This gives great options for covers over the bed, plant supports and even (due to spacing on the beds) the ability to put up a ”hoop house” covering two beds or 4 if I run it lengthwise over the beds from east to west.  ( sketch of layout of entire garden will be provided later)

Next week I will be setting up the irrigation, a combination of drip lines, PVC main lines etc.  I am hoping to get peas in the ground next week also and carrots!

Weed wise:  the little green starts from the nasty “Goat heads” are poking up!!!!!!!  will hit them with Roundup and one other chemical.. glyphosate.. in   a try to beat them to the ground!  The weather is almost right for the attack!    (No, I do not use any chemicals in the food producing areas… only mechanical attacks.)

Well, happy gardening to all and thanks to God that we have good gardening days.

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