random thoughts and lessons learned

2014-01-25 17.57.16Sitting here on Sunday eve… watching PBS (fund raiser special) on old Ed Sullivan music.. the 60’s (ok, so I am an old hippy at heart.)

Hard to belive that this stuff was considered ” not quite ok for kids stuff!   Long hair.. ha .. it didn’t even hit their ears!

Lessons learned this week:

check long boards for warp / twisting BEFORE you screw the 10 PVC brackets in place!!!

Put your great batch of chicken stew in frig right after dinner… I didnt.. forgot it overnight.. pitched it this am 😦

Some people just talk to hear themselves talk and be important…. other people ask way too many questions

Computers sometimes need to be completely.. un plugged for a few days.. then they come back to life ok

I have some good neighbors..and a few not so good

Dont start listening to an audio book that is 12 hrs long, at 4 pm…. and it was really good, right up till I figured out it was now 4 AM!

Apollo (my small black dog) wakes me at 5:30 am before and after the time change.. he never missed a day and I have no clock in the bedroom… cant say it is because of paper delivery either, they come at 6 am on weekdays and 8 on weekends!

Sun in the Stitch room is perfect in afternoon for a nap on the floor!  Dogs agree!

Sunrises are getting better and sunsets have been great..

Life is good… enjoy it!

Lastly, hugs to my special friends who have brought me good news this last week and my kids who are also enjoying life.

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