Going to the nursery (plants)

The other day my daughter and I decided we needed/wanted/just had to go to Olive Garden for lunch. (yes, two days later I found the coupon in my wallet)  So off we went… 40 miles down the road to St George.. the closest Olive Garden.  Lunch was great, as always and we ate too much, as always.

After a stop at the Olive Oil store we headed in the general direction of home.  She says to me.. how about we check out the plants at Star Nursery?  Sure, I couldn’t find the place last time I was in the area.  But she knew where it was!  And I would have missed the turn if she had not told me where it was hidden.  This nursery is in an old, old Cotton building.  We told ourselves we were just going to look!!

Then I spotted some lavender { Lavender ‘Madrid’ purple} plants that I wanted for my collection.. so she got one of the Red Rider wagons and we picked up a few plants… oh, and there is a nice tall grass {Regal Mist Grass} that would be a good focus plant.. got it too.  I decided I needed a few annuals { Euphorbia stardust white flash.. annual here, perennial elsewhere) to fill space around the creeping Rosemary plants.. wagon is now full.  Off we go to get a second wagon. But I had to have two Powis Castle Artemisia (a type of sage brush actually) {Artemisia absinthium Powis Castle}

Now remember, we are in St George, it is 75 degrees out… they sell palm trees here!!  We live 40 miles and 4 thou feet higher and it is about 50 at home…most of what we are getting cant be planted outside yet at home!!

OH.. a beautiful Furman’s Red Autumn Sage ( Salvia Greggii ‘furmans red}  the perfect tall accent plant for my perennial garden. At this point dear daughter was content to help me spend MY money on my plants… how quickly that changed..

She found a nice Aloe plant, and then a Lemon Balm and a nice small bunch grass and Lemon grass and and and… so they will go in pots (we got the pots today) in front of her house.  Which really needed some plants.

All told we spent about 3 hours there and a dent in our credit cards, but it was a lovely day. 🙂

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