Spring week gardening


trays of tomatoes, a flat of lettuce and a new bunch of house plants… oh and a flat of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower… I have no place to eat in my dining room… and I am glad!  I think I have 7 varieties of Tomatoes, and new baby lettuces.   I am feeling a bit crazy (more than usual) with my plant starting.

This was the week that we got our final exam for Master Gardener program.  It is a multi question take home exam.  So far I have done over half of it… hopefully right!  I know I got the 5 extra credit points 🙂   Most of the questions are based on real questions the local extension agent has gotten.  Find out next week… how I will do.   The class ends with a field trip which I will give a report on next weekend.

Now.. put down your drink, some have any food in your mouth… this, altho it wasn’t at the time…. is funny.. as in Bugs Bunny funny.

The attack of the greenhouse monster… or how Nancy fell on her butt/side etc.

I was attempting to put the cover on a 6 X 8 greenhouse.  I have put one on this frame before.. in WY … no problem.  Not so in Utah…  frame was set up, no wind, I had the cover lined up with the door at the correct end..  I pushed, I pulled, I stuffed plastic thru spaces and was lining up the front corner.  A light breeze came up, grabbed the plastic which became a sail and it grabbed me! As I am scrambling backward, on loose gravel, trying to avoid stepping on panicking dogs.. yep, I spun 180 degrees, feet going north and body flying.  Years of knowing to roll when you fall (horses) had me landing on left hip and rolling onto left side and elbow.  Dogs fled the area then came to lick my face!  Slowly I checked to see that fingers and toes moved, then I got up.  Ouch, did I really hurt my self??  Headed to house, slowly making left leg work.. which it did quite well.. It was the Not so funny Funny Bone..  Two pain pills and I went back out and attacked my attacker.  One hour later and the greenhouse is put together.  ( yes, elbow is uggly, and I sleep on my left side)

So that is it for tonight.. I will be building the last two garden beds and finishing the insulation in the Brooder house tomorrow.

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