Good Grief Gardening

Well,  I have been a bit sluggish the last few days.. Wind came up.. (not like in WY tho) and I just havent felt much like going outside to work.   Did get some of the vegie starts moved to the potting shed.  Also bought, before they sold out, a bunch of the Wave petunias. I will be planting them in the window boxes this week. They will stay in the shed for a while. I also have a nice bunch of broccoli and cabbage to repot this week.  Then I will start more stuff… not sure what at the moment.

The garden beds are in place, just have to finish two of them.  Yes, I did tie down both greenhouses, and they are surviving the 30 mph gusts.  I still have a wagon load of perennials that I drag out of the shop each day, and put back each night.  I am hoping that I will get a bit of help this week moving the 3 big railroad ties to the perennial garden.  Then I will get that ready to plant.

Mostly today and yesterday I worked on the final drawings/plans for the chicken house.  Having a 3 sided building to work with is both good and bad.  The good is that I dont have as much to build.. the bad is I have to work around the slightly off center construction.  It will be great when it is done.   I did decide to skip the solar auto doors for the chickens… at least for this year. (I will build the front so that the doors can be changed later).  The doors are very expensive and I would rather get good nest boxes first.  After all, the girls will want nice places to lay eggs and I am very capable of opening and closing coop.  Oh, and the roosters will have their own area…dont need them beating the girls up all the time..

Master Gardner class is done, will let you know next week how I did on the test.  Now I just have to do 40 hrs volunteer work starting with monitoring Coddling Moths in my apple trees!

Well, the wind finally dropped out.. and a beautiful sunset is filling the sky.  Puffs of gray clouds are floating along… some of them gave us rain/snow this afternoon.  At least the mountains got snow, and look dusted in white.

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