loose threads or not getting much stitching done

It has been a slow week for me in the stitch department.  Studying and doing take home final for Master Gardner class kept me pretty busy… even yelled at the dogs one day when they would not let me alone to work on exam!!   So now Apollo is shredding papers when they hit the trash can!

I did get the first two examples done for the class I am teaching on Thurs night.  It is on needle lace. I sure hope the ladies of the Fiber guild, most who are weavers, spinners and knitters, enjoy the class.  It will be an Easter egg, with several needle lace stitches in it.

I did start on another of the owls… it is a good rest for the eyes as it is on 18 ct canvas.  I should say that as long as there are not too many stitches that wear out my fingers.  Some of the stitches require a lot of pulling the needle thru the canvas.  In fact I refuse to do french knots, colonial knots etc.  I use beads in place of the knots if there are more than two or three.

Hopefully I will post photos next week and let you know how the class goes.

for the local folks.. class is $ 4.oo bring scissors and 6 or 7 in hoop.  I will bring everything else.  It starts at 6:30 at the visitors center.  Stop in at the Grind on Wed morning for more info.

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