Busy week in the garden

this last week has been a bit wild in the garden.  I attacked the ‘goatheads’ otherwise known as Puncture vine (sorry, dont have latin name)  No, I did not spray in the garden, just the yard and drive and a few spots in the new orchard.  I did figure out how to put a hood on the spray wand so I can hit spacific weeds…. use of a 1 liter pop bottle cut in half.  taped the top of it to the spray wand after I stuck the wand into the bottle.  It worked well as I now have a lot of dead weeds.. but many to go.  (I only attack weeds once every 10 or say days)

I am being overwhelmed by tomato plants.. think I over potted them. So now it is a matter of figuring out how many I want and giving away the others.  (Sorry if you are not local, I am not shipping plants!)  I have planted the cole plants out in the garden and started a 4 ft sq. of carrots.  Oh, and peas, didn’t realize how many peas were in a packet.. have 4 rows about 12′ long planted too.  (dogs and I love peas). I also got 4 test fabric bags of potatoes planted.  (bags from Gardner’s Supply, potatoes from Wood Prairie)

I did have a bunch of help this last week in the garden.  I had finished putting together the garden beds and needed to move the soil mix to the beds… some of the kids from church came by and not only hauled the bags of soil to the beds but mixed it too. (I think the younger ones had great fun playing in the dirt)

Today will be setting up irrigation in the tomato bed, setting out the ‘wall o water’ tomato protectors (tomatoes go in in a week), and probably moving some soil, planting potatoes etc.  Then it is off to the Chicken House.. another blog in its self.


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