Chicken House tales

Ah, using a partial building, actually a three sided shed that once was a horse barn and … trying to make a chicken house out of it!!!

First, all the walls are not square, not level and not adjustable.  Then add a semi hard floor, mostly clay but with spots of packed straw and some shavings… dust prevails…  and the exterior walls are very heavy steel.. The corner posts are huge.. like very fat.. telephone poles… some still with the metal tag saying which pole the are. Even the rafters arent very lined up!   BUT.. it is coming together as a nice place for the future flock.

Thanks to quite a few folks from the church and my great design work 🙂  I am almost finished with the building.  Walls, the three original ones, are insulated and OSB is up.  The forth, and east facing one, is up with the new door (storm door with screen) is up.  Feed room is only missing the main flooring, sub floor is in.  So over the next few weeks, when I am not trying to get garden in, I will put up rest of inside walls, dividers etc.  There will be several pens since I will have not just have laying hens but I  am hoping for a few show quality birds.

The ducks and geese come in a few weeks and so thier pen is next, but not nearly as nice as the chicken house.

So till next issue .. this closes the little ol chic notes

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