Tomato Potato and carrots too

This has been a busy week in the garden.  The baby carrots are starting to pop up.. I took the cover off today and just covered the bed with thin garden blanket to help reduce the wind drying.

I did plant a group of 5 orange fabric potato beds.  I am not sure how well these will work.  I also planted potatoes in a raised bed as a control group.  All the seed potatoes came from Wood Prairie Farm so they are all top quality.

The tomato patch now has the pvc irrigation in place, and the red plastic down.  I managed to get 6 of the water tube teepees filled with water today.  Not easy since they are new and the water likes to miss the plastic and I have to bend over to fill them.  I did get more of them , but the original Wall o Water style today.  They are much easier to fill.  I will have 12 tomato plants in the main bed and 4 in the green house.  I also got all the tomatoes moved out of the house and into the green green house so they can start to get used to being outside.  Next week they will all go into the ground.

I stopped by Lady Bug Nursery today and go pepper plants for the salsa garden and they are now in the dining room under lights.  They will not go out for a few weeks yet.

The flowers are mostly planted into pots, a few need to grow a bit first.  So I potted up 5 hanging baskets that like  sun and 5 that will prefer shade.  Three big pots for the front of the house and one more window box.  A friend planted the other 6 window boxes last week for me.  Cant wait to see what the color combos of Wave Petunias she did.  (she wouldn’t tell me)  In the next few days I will mount the window box hardware so I can get everyone up off the ground!  Oh, and I bought about 30 or 40 marigolds to load up my raised bed garden.  They will not go out for a few days either.

I did see a bit, very little, of growth around a few of the berry bushes today.  No progress on the Asparagus.  The West Orchard apple trees are showing blooms, most of which I will pick off if they don’t freeze. (need to limit the number of apples per branch for healthy trees)  The very tall cherry tree is going to be a challenge.  The little pear tree is doing very well with it’s two cherry (I think) bushes protecting it from the wind.  And the lilacs at the west end of the plot are just getting ready to burst into color. 🙂  I am not sure how the East orchard is doing. Some of the baby trees are showing growth.  None of them will be allowed to have fruit set for the next two years.  Oh, and the coddling moth test trap only has two black flies and about 5 knats in it.

The great “goat head” (puncture vine) war is on going.  I am not sure which herbicide is the best but I am seeing DEAD plants. 🙂  I will spray, very carefully, again next week.

Well, until next week, happy gardening, vegie eating, or what ever.

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