Life is good and Easter is upon us

Today I took a break from construction on the Chicken house.. much needed according to my knees!  So I filled a few more wall o waters (hard on the back or knees depending on how i filled them.)  I still have about 6 to fill.  I did water the seeds in the garden and the plants in the pots… almost over watered the window boxes!   But the most fun was mowing the back yard!   It used to take half a day with the little mower, and I was worn out.   With a 54 inch mowing deck and my turn on a dime tractor, it took about 15 min!!  and my body really appreciated it.

So I spent some of the day working on the old green house that came with the place.  Positioned just to the north of the shop, and on a concrete slab, it was impossible to use as a green house.   So, I pulled the front off and covered the covering with a heavy tarp… silver side out.  Now i have a nice place to store yard equipment and lumber.  (tractor will fit but it is happer in the shop with a bit more room.)

I did get some plants hung up and others are tucked into the little greenhouse.  And the brooder is running so I can be sure the temp is good for the babys next week.  Oh, and I stopped and smelled the apple blossems.  One of the trees is blooming well.   Pretty red blooms are all over the tree.  Most will get picked off if they dont get frozen next week.  (need to limit the crop to get better health for the trees this year.)  the other thing I did today was sit in the shade and watch the storm clouds rumbling in the sky…

Tomorrow is Easter and I found a tiny egg on the ground.  Birds are busy making nests, laying eggs, and sometimes kicking other eggs out of the nest.  Tomorrow I will go to church then come home and make lamb dinner for family.  I do not have to do side dishes since it is pot luck.  But I do need to clean my house a bit… having people over does make me clean up the place a bit!  🙂

So I shall wish each of you a good day and thank God for another day to see the sun rise and the sun set and enjoy life!

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