Chicken brooder bits


a Golden Polish checking me out. ( one of Joanne’s chicks)
This is one perky little chick..
This is one perky little chick..
Taking a drink before we got the waters in

Today 42 little chicks arrived at the post office. Needless to say I went and got them. (sadly one did not make the trip. it happens) Energy abounds in this bunch of chicks. They really didn’t appreciate me dipping their beaks in the water mix. (water, bit of sugar, and electrolights Quik Chik.) Then they found the food!!! Some were busy eating, some trying to swim in water dish and others just running around. But tonight they were all sacked out with fat crops so I know they ate well today.

We have Buff Laced Polish, Golden Polish (Joanne’s chicks) Dark Brahmas, Light Brahmas, Partridge Cochins (Torries) Lakenvelders (Jef’s) and a group of Rainbow egg layers… not sure of what breeds yet.. but when they finish feathering out I will know. (Little peeps have already started feathering out!)

middle photo is of one of the most outgoing chicks, not sure of breed yet but hopefully a future show chicken!


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