Clucking along in the Chickery

chicks at 48 hrs Ricochett and Sassy and Sassy once againWell, day 5 for a bunch of little biddies. They have hit the ugly adolescence stage… Fuzz and feathers… attempts to fly, some hopping most flapping. Oh, and trying to be like big chickens scratching their search for food.. and in the process, kicking dinner out of the feed trough and into water and air and everywhere.
The funniest part was when one of the darker chicks, who was so full, laid down and then tryed to scratch.. round and round the little bird went… (no, little chick is not ill… but now eating normal) Most all the chicks now have wing feathers starting to show.. some more than others. It is fun to watch the great change in color on many of the birds. Dark gray fuzz ball is now getting white wings!
Several already have names.. Sassy is … you got it.. a sassy little bird.
Ricochet is a high speed Polish. One Cochin is now named Sable.. probably wont look like sabel with all it’s feathers in but so it goes. Joanne has decided to name two of her Polish Ethel and Lucy! That really fits the blond Polish birds. And Little Red is also a small red chick. We might be in trouble if we wind up with roosters named Ethel! 🙂
Well, that is it for tonight.. I hope to upload some photos and maybe video of the birds.

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