tiny chirp chick cattered

Sassy chick tooTiny chicks are growing fast.. Week two and lots of feathers popping out. And with that comes picking.. (chickens are cannibalistic carnivore birds and if one sees blood.. then they all get in the action.. not good) So I have a bottle of purple “Pick no More” and have doctored several birds. And some birds, the Polish group, got new living quarters. I have also had to separate off a bunch of bigger white (not sure of breed yet) layer birds. They moved down one level in the brooder condo. A little cooler and more space.
Progress on the chicken house is coming along. Not as fast as I would like, but much of the time it is just me working on it. I have had some great help and some overwhelming help. Torrie has been my second set of hands and second set of brains! I almost made the laying hen pen too small. She reminded me of the future size of the Braman birds.. they will be huge.. they still are behind on getting feathers! The rest of the week we have rain predicted but I will be able to work inside the building. (that is after dentist appointment 😦 ) At least we have a few weeks before the chicks are ready to move to the big chicken house.
About names… yes some already have names. All will have numbered leg bands so I will be able to track each bird. It is highly unlikey that any of these birds will be ‘dinner’ at my house. (I will raise broiler fryers later this year for the freezer.. they wont even get name bands.) We probably will sell a few birds, both as layers and hope for a few as show birds. But it is ok to sell excess roosters (not show / breeding quality) and what the new owner does is up to them..
Well it is time to go check the temps and tuck in the babies.. ha.. they will be crashed out asleep since it is already dark and they go to bed early.

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