chilly chicks

Sat. came in nice and went south.. Or should I say north. The temp dropped out and thunder rolled, lighting lit the sky and the dogs panicked.. Apollo barked at every rumble in the sky. Then the snow started and lights went out. By 8 pm I knew we had a problem… the chicks in the brooder would have no heat! As babies, this is not good. At first I thought about moving them all together to keep them warmer… not so good idea.. At that point we had 11 layers in bottom brooder pen, 10 heavy birds in center and the rest.. 11 of them in the top section. (Only the top has heat) The four Polish were in their private quarters as they don’t much like being with the others. I put the Polish in a rubber tub and brought them in the house. Roof was made with a cookie cooling rack and the tub lid. OH, held down with a cast iron fry pan!
But I still had the others to do something with… moving that many birds in to the house was NOT an option. Idea one was put hot water in plastic juice bottles and stick them in with birds. THAT DID NOT WORK.. The plastic melted before I got them half full! Next thought was to fill glass jars… I had a new pack of quart wide mouth canning jars in the shop.. Off I went to get them.. Called Joanne for help.. (the Polish are hers) Ok, have gas stove, kitchen matches, water, jars… filling jars then taking them out to the brooder building… snowing harder now. Since the jars are very hot I decided not to put them in with the chicks. I put them around the bottom of the brooder. (It is a big metal thing) Then we wrapped the whole thing with foil insulation wrap. Good thing I had not used it for insulating. Four hours later.. Yep midnight… I went back out and checked. Everyone was at temp of above 55 so I wrapped them back up. We got them thru the night and eventually the power came back on, at 3 am on Monday morning!!!!! I will admit I had a few choice words to God about “mothers day” as I was really tired of ‘mothering’ all those chicks!
And tonight everyone seems happy, warm, and back to normal… chicks eating and sleeping and getting feathers, dogs snoring, and me relaxing.

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