Chicken chatter .. no, we have not died..

Ok,, am playing chicken catch up… actually have been playing chase the chicken, etc for a month now.

The ducks and geese arrived and were in the brooder one week,,, then I had to move them to the shop in a large dog pen.. that lasted 10 days and they out grew it.. so moved them to the old greenhouse with outside fence so the water mess was easier to deal with.  That lasted about 2 weeks and I was tired of smell so close to shop, messes etc… and they needed more room!!  Final move.. into the old hay shed area.  I locked them in at night for a week and now they have run of back yard at night.  (dont think the feral cat will venture thru yard any more )

Total we have 5 geese of indetermiate breeds.. but they like weeds.  I started training them at one week to eat things like bind weed and puncture vine aka goat heads.  The ducklings are fun to watch as they try to do what geese do.  We have 2 Cayugas (had three but one died) 3 chocolate Indian runners and 3 Blue Swedish.  one male two female thing.  They have gotten almost all feathers and the colors are amazing.

On the Chicken end of things.  Ug has turned into a very nice looking rooster.  He is the big Light Bramhan.   The Lakenvelder rooster is  a little twirp… “Chicken Little” (so named because initially he was scared of everything) Now he thinks he is king.. untill one of the geese goes after him!  I am not thrilled with the Lakenvelders.. They are slow to feather out, nervous flighty  little birds.  We will probably breed some if they go broody.. otherwise not.

The Polish group, Mini who is the shy one and the others, are flighty but given that they can hardly see, it is understandable.  One is definitely a rooster… one is bearded, may be two are.

Rest of birds I will discuss in a day or so.. am getting tired and fingers now not typing so great.

Ugh  5 week old lt braman 20140619_175709 20140619_175746Ugh at 5 weeks, Lakenvelders, Light Brahmans at about 12 weeks


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2 thoughts on “Chicken chatter .. no, we have not died..

  1. Quite a collection of feathered friends! Enjoy! Dan


  2. Nancy – my nieces and nephews are just gorgeous and you are doing such a good job in caring for them.


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