Chicks on the move.

this is sure a late entry.. sorry..

update for July 16 follows this entry


Well, last night (wed) Torrie and I moved 4 bunches of chicks to the “big House”. We stationed our selfs at each end of the brooder and grabbed one chick at a time. Quickly popping them into a big red rubber tub.. with lid on most of tub. Starting at the bottom we moved the Rainbow layer ladies, all 11 down there. They were a little, no, a lot of upset. (we havent been handling them since they were in the bottom battery of the brooder)
We have a 3 tier brooder with only the top set heated. It took only 3 weeks before we had to split up the chicks to different levels since they all needed more room. Anyway, back to the move.
We carried the box, with lid securely on it, over to the new chicken house. Then into the pen we went, on our knees and carefully opened the box. One chick at a time was removed, examined, and shown how to drink out of the new waterer. ( It is not an open pan of water but a white bucket with small red buttons. The chick has to peck at the spot and move the little metal piece to get the water to drip into their beak. Chickens have to look up so water drains down their gullet.) They caught on quickly and once one drank the others got the idea. So after we got feeling back in legs… from squatting so long.. we went back for next bunch. Last was the Polish who were moved from the big cage to their own pen in the new house. Surprisingly they settled in very well.
The base of the pens is made up of sand on top of the original old stall base and then I topped it off with chopped straw. It took the birds no time at all to ”dust bath”. If you ever watch them do this then you know where the Chicken Dance came from. It is a hoot. (wish I could embed a video in my blog) Quickly we had white birds that were now dusky but happy birds. They actually wanted to bath before eat! Next came trying out their wings. Room to try flying was the next big thing as birds crashed into each other and uprooting the ones taking a bath.
Finally everyone was moved, watered, fed, cleaned (if you can call dirt bath a cleaning) and ready for naps. Except for the one white hen and two of the Brahmans.. they just wanted to work on the ‘pecking’ order. But when I checked them at 9 pm all were sleeping.. in very distinct groups. Tomorrow the Brahmans are being put in a pen of their own!.. they keep picking on the white birds.

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