Just when I think things are getting lined out….

This is a brief (because I cant even remember some of it) up date from the week that was……..

Not in any particular order…

Internet not working, guy put in new modem.. worked one day.. 

Phone crazy..used all my months data plus some in the first three days of the cycle… finally found out it had a virus .. totally reset phone… then the sound chip went out…..  { today I got a new phone and Verizon internet service}  oh, and the new phone is water proof, dust proof and has a very shock resistant cover!!

came home from Las Vegas to find goose got hung up in some twine and a bush… Torrie and Jef Rescued him… he is now known as Gimpy.

Started seeing light flashes in left eye.. off to eye dr.. to find out my eye goo is trying to pop loose from back of eye.  No tear to retna thank goodness…and it is getting better. (that was last Fri)

Then this am… monday.. I was feeding the chickens and stepped on a nail… off to the ER since I could not see the hole in the arch of my foot.. (I get a tetanus shot every 5 years.. had one last year) So they cleaned it, tried to get the stuff out of it.. probably fiber from sock.. torchured me with antiseptics… gave me antibiotics and sent me home.

And I am overwhelmed with kale, spinach etc..

So tonight I am getting ready to watch Longmire and eating some ice cream…

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