Oh My.. it is Sept. and what happened to July??

I am so far behind.. between computer issues, internet problems, one eye not being right (cataract) WEEDS, garden and poultry.. I am just now getting lined back out.  

I promise photos, more blogs etc in the future..as of tonight.

Poultry notes:   hens are laying about 7 eggs per day.  Not bad for starting hens and hopefully the other 16 birds will get on the nest.  The roosters, 7 I think, are about to get a new house.  They know they are roosters and run the hens silly.  (I do separate them for about 6 hours each morning so the girls get a break.)  Since they are “free range” birds I do have to give everyone time in the main yards.  The geese, 4 of them now, (one had broken leg) and the 8 ducks are really working the weeds, but only the young weeds.  (the 4 geese, all males are also harassing the poor ducks) No eggs from ducks yet but am hopeful on that.

Garden notes:  the corn patch did well, I raised it mostly for poultry to eat and they are happy birds.  The tomatoes just started going nuts.. lots of sauce tomato coming along every day.  Gave up on the cabbage.. not enough water to start right and need to get that bed on drip system.  Beets did well, not large but nice flavor and several colors.  A few carrots popping up in that bed also. (I had originally planted carrots in that bed but didnt get good drip system to it)  Brussels Sprouts are just now getting big but I am waiting for first frost to pick them… better flavor so I am told.  Peas were great and bush beans did very well.  Pole beans were a flop this year.  Potatoes seem to be doing good… got quite a few from main bed.  I am waiting to harvest others.  Now, let me tell you about the Lemon Cucumbers!!! They have gone crazy.. part of problem was that I lost first few plants to weather and went and bought some at local nursery.  I also bought some pickling cucumbers.. I think most of the pickle ones were also lemon ones.  I have pickled the lemon ones till I am pickled out.  I have also given them away, fed them to poultry, used them as missiles at the sparrow hawk (he did not notice) etc.  The summer squash, yellow and green zucchini and crook necks, did well.. still producing.  The “gray griller” squash was wonderful while it lasted.  Early onions did ok.  I replanted onions, carrots, spinach and lettuce a few weeks ago for a winter harvest.  Jef and Torries pepper patch did start slow but is doing well now.  My one okra had a beautiful flower on it this eve.  The berry patch has produced a few red raspberries.. very tasty!  Lost all the trees in the east orchard, it is now poultry pasture.  The old apple tree did have some apples.. but I will buy my apples elsewhere for putting up.

I have done some stitching, not as much as I would like but I will save that for another day.

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