As part of the posse for Longmire, I am here by telling anyone that will listen/read, The show must go on. https://www.facebook.com/LongmirePosse/photos/a.337883479679653.1073741828.337866999681301/520376491430350/?type=1
hope the link works.
Anyway, as a long time reader of Craig Johnson’s books, the tv show (carried until this summer on A&E) was also great.. but not as good as his books… which cant be canceled!!
Torrie and I met Craig at Mountain and Plains ABA regional book convention in Denver. He was just coming out with Cold Dish. The first of 4 (according to him) books covering the seasons of a Wyoming Sheriff. Thanks to Eric Boss of Penguin USA, Craig is still writing wonderful books. His writing style is varied so the books / plots never become “cookie cutter” as is the problem with so many mysteries these days. At that first meeting we talked Craig into visiting our little book store, The Book Nook in the Wheatland Mercantile Bldg.. (we were at that time a book store, gun shop, quilt store, stitch store. Now closed but being recreated by my good friend Dan Brecht into a book store once again)
Craig, Judy, dogs and his France connection publisher (I think that is who she is), visited often… sometimes just dropping by on the way to and from points south. (fond memories of a pecan pie and a large black dog are another whole story) Altho encouraged by Craig to do some writing of my own, the time was not right..maybe now with this blog ???
Any how, here is hoping that Longmire the tv show will find a new network for the millions of us who view it.. millions is no exaggeration.
And no, I never had A&E on my set, had to watch with best friend each week, I am not ever buying a Dodge either!

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