quick update as Sept gets going

Ah, fall in the air???  not yet.

The roosters new house will be arriving Thurs.  and not a moment too soon.  Mr B, the buff polish, has become a real pain in the butt.. literally.. pecking the girls in the rear ends, chasing them all over, fighting / pecking the butts of the other roosters.  So by the weekend he and his ? friends will have new home and pens.  The Brahman roosters are very mild mannered and I really like them.  

Over the weekend we picked apples at a friends house, Joanne got huge peaches from somewhere, and the cantaloupe are so sweet.. also from friend.   Egg production is up to about 10 a day.  My garden is putting out tomatoes like mad and the beets are gone.  I made a great stew last night from local ‘mutton’ ( too mild and tender to be called such), my carrots, potatoes, squash and onions.

Must get Tobasco off to the groomers.  His long hair needs combed out and washed.  (He is a happy Keeshunde)

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