EGGS feathers and weeds

Goose talk.
Goose talk.

As of today we are up to 10 white and 2 brown eggs per day. I am hoping for a peak of 20 eggs a day… so if you are in Cedar City area and want fresh eggs email or text me.
Freaked out the geese tonight. I recorded them honking at me and played it back to them… very confused birds now ūüôā

Oh, did I mention WEEDS?? ¬†I finally, after the last rain, got all the weeds pulled in the main garden. ¬†They are in a pile by the shop being investigated by chickens. ¬†The geese dont approve of old weeds just the fresh new growths. ¬†The weeds that ”were” in the perennial garden are now in piles also but most of them I cut out with sharp objects…hoe, trimmers, shovel, axe! First layer of landscape stuff and rock is now down on about a tenth of the area! ¬†I did 3 wagon loads of rock last night and got a corner done! ¬† Will attack again tomorrow… today was day of rest and bird watching.

Speaking of birds, ¬†Mr B the polish rooster is now called Mr BULLY. ¬†Joanne says he is also very confused as to sex.. has no idea if he is hen or rooster. ¬† But he is a bully, ran poor little Minnie under a pile of wood, attacked a duck.. that didnt work out well. ¬†He tries to mount the other roosters and peck at the rear ends of the hens. ¬†So… he has separate housing and I will be glad when new ”rooster roost” house comes on tues. ¬† I will say.. one of the bronze polish roosters did take after Mr B today and gave him a nasty peck on the head.

Garden is starting to slow down.. just not on Lemon cucumbers!  even the chickens are tired of them.  I have several nice little pumpkins ripening and still plenty of tomatoes.  Picked last of beets today.

Well, time for bed… ¬†remember…. ¬† ¬†#LONG LIVE LONGMIRE!!

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