Rooster Roost and war zones

Well, the new rooster house came on Tues. As of yesterday I have one well built inside pen for the three Polish roosters and they seem to do ok.. noticed Mr B pecking at one of the Punk Rockers… decided that it was grooming and they were all nibbling on each other.
The others .. supposedly docile Brahma roosters… had all out war. I finally repened one .. the darker of the two Light Bramans.. after he had cornered poor Sir Uggs. Then one of the dark brahmans went after another with vengeance… there was blood on this one.. built another pen from dog kennel panels… In the end I had two darks in one pen, one light in a pen, Sir Ugg in his own space and a dark in a pen… The Polish were churring and grooming and trying to get some sleep. Now all this action happened after Torrie and Jef helped me catch and pen the bunch just before the stormy weather hit…. At the moment today, they are mostly running around the yard except one Punk and he went back in his pen to sleep. They are all like a bunch of adolescent males!

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