Goose Steps… or me stepping on Goose’s attitude


Ah, a week of fussing with the adolescent boys.. geese that is. They are pushing the limits of who is boss… snaking necks, loud grumbles, occasional attempt to nip me in back of leg. First, Orange (names are based on color of zip tie on leg).. nip and whack of empty egg carton on his head! now giving me wide birth! Next, Pinky ventures close to where I am sitting.. not unusual for him… BUT neck out and shaking, he takes aim at my foot! I took aim at grabbing his neck.. and then flipping him upside down on my lap. Now everyone is squawking… so I sit and stroke his fine white head. He likes scratches on the cheeks and neck so that is what I do. Finally he settles down and I put him upright on the ground. Everyone has to comment to him. One hour later and Mr Yellow decides to taste my leg… wrong…I grab his neck, do the flip thing and we sit for a bit. He is not as easy to calm down. But after a bit I put him on ground, he is still back peddling with some mighty sharp toenails.. but once he quits I turn him loose. Tomorrow is another day!!!
Roosters Roost is almost done, pens inside and some out, but doors for pens to be built. The boys are settling in well. The three Polish together, they make some odd noises but don’t really fight with eachother. The “Triplets.. Dark Brahmans, argue a bit with each other… more a who is top bird. So they have their own pen. The two Light Brahmans each have separate pens… Sir Ugg in one, he is a woose. And “Stew Pot” in the other pen where he is rarely let out. He is mean to all around but very close to show quality!
The Hen House is winterized and the girls and Chicken Little, (Lakenvelder Rooster) get yard time every day and some days the big yard. We are getting about 20 eggs a day now so if you live close and want eggs,,, let me know.

The Boys
The Boys
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