Ruffled Roosters and rough week

Ok, so only one rooster really had his feathers ruffled this week.. He was a bad boy, Mr Stew Pot…tried to take on two roosters and a duck!   Served him right to get attacked right back.   He, and his fellow roosters, are settling in to the new house.  I only spent 10 min getting everyone in bed and settled tonight.   The other night Mr B ( Polish) was sleeping on the floor in his pen,,, resting his head on the lower roost rail 🙂  He and the two other Polish are getting beautiful tails now that they are kept away from Stew Pot!

The ladies gave me 20 eggs today, a record.  I have 4 Lakenvelders, 3 Partridge Cochins, 3 Light Brahmans, 9 Pearl white Leghorns, 1 partridge Leghorn (Sassy), 2 Reds, 1 dark Brahman (silver penciled named Dorian) 2 Red Comets, 1 Partridge Polish (Minnie)  and I think that is it… 26 hens and Chicken Little the Lakenvelder rooster!

Currently I am alternating between roosters and hens as to who gets the day in main yard and the garden.  It seems to be working well except the girls really wanted veggies this evening.  They are not going to be thrilled when they get down to just Alfalfa grass hay every  day.   They also get free choice lay pellets and crumbles, scratch mix in the am and oyster shell grit free choice… oh and ‘pecking block’ of mixed grains that they nibble off and on.  Water, of course is always fresh and free choice.

nothing new on duck and geese front.. all are being very good!!

I have been busy trying to get stuff ready for winter, back areas mowed, weeds removed from the place (hired a guy to do that weed stuff)  washing and putting hoses away, sorting building supplies wood etc and getting it protected… oh, and dont forget the main garden:  so glad for cool weather, I have pulled and put into several compost piles most of the garden stuff.  Next week I have to pull all the drip lines and soak in vinegar for a day before putting away. We have a lot of mineral in our water.. good for plants, not so good for drip emitters.  I am woosing out on doing a lot of the putting down of rock in the perennial garden… found some one with strong back and a good worker.

well, now I am tired… shall get some sleep and see how the Apple buying goes at New Harmony Apple Fest tomorrow… It supports the local vol. fire dept and great apple selection… ugh. then more work 😦

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