First snow and cold days

I feel like I have been out in the cold as far as writing on my blog… head cold just after return from Phoenix trip had me flat.. no ambition to get on computer for more than a few min each day..

I promise to try to do better…

As the photo shows.. snow and cold.. I refused to go past back door for a better photo!  Ducks and geese were snoozing under a bush.. they have house they can go into but they dont.   At 8:30 last night as snow started, the geese had a panic attack.. no clue what the white stuff was falling from the sky!!  They have very thick down coats so they dont mind cold and it is a good thing.. temp was at 6 above (F) at 6 am today.   Roosters and hens have heat lamps so I will wait to check them.. am sure they are fine.  Dogs are inside snoring as usual.

I promised a few blogs on our trip.. they have gone into internet black hole… so I shall try to re do them in a few min.

other poultry updates… on duck is laying green (probably frozen today) eggs, hens are doing between 15 and 20 eggs per day.. yes, they are on lights in early am.  I have a contract with Red Acre Farm for egg supply so the girls are paying for the chicken  food now!!first snow

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