The great morning Chicken Races….

Opened the small door to let the hens out this am…. morning air is at a brisk 25 Deg F… the ladies came boiling out of the house. (there is no heat in the house at this time of year) Hens were flying and running and zipping everywhere! Of the 23 girls only 3 stayed in to sit or lay eggs. Chicken Little, the rooster, just strutted out after the ladies left. Then he took off a little bit but not much.
Baby chicks, all 30 of them, are getting lots of feathers and also trying to flap the wings about the brooder. They are eating and drinking well. And like puppies when they are tired they just flop down and nap. A few try so hard to nap standing up…but slowly the little head droops and finally they face plant on the cage bottom!

have a great day…. I will!!

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1 thought on “The great morning Chicken Races….

  1. I could picture those chickens racing to get outside. Folks who have never seen it can’t imagine what you are talking about.

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