Frantic Friday at the farm…Nancy is tired girl

6 am, feed dogs, get am drink for me, empty and reload dishwasher while supervising dogs… Apollo is greedy… and get dressed.
Flag is out    God Bless The USA.

animals watered…. etc etc etc
Knowing that Torrie will be along at 7 ish to help milk JOJO… this is a project that takes two of us…. I set up milking equipment. Goat milking 101 is another story for later. Got it done in short order and she is giving more milk.. the goat that is 🙂
Chickens out, goose given access to her favorite nest spot.. inside chick house, and chick pen enlarged.
Food for me… it is just 8:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laundry running and so am I… off to rip weeds, weed eater grass out front and run back in to hang out laundry. Yes, it did rain and so stuff is in house on dry racks. (I dont have a dryer, no space for it.)
Check emails, facebook etc… and clean milk equipment… oh, and sort eggs from yesterday.
Go rip more weeds! have a wonderful ‘scuffle hoe’, a triangular shape, very good metal and sharp…. do not buy the one that is just riveted to the handle.. not much use… 5 min and broke! I use electric/battery weed whacker on grass along fence… until battery and I run out of go.
Drizzling rain, but beautiful with mountains to east. You see mountain, and gray rain and red and yellow rock and dark green. Wish I had a good camera. I digress.. grab laundry off line. Shut shop doors. Go inside and take nap in guest room (yes, I have a guest room) floor with dogs.
Wake up hungry… it happens… I decide to go get mail, and a hamburger!! Big double cheese burger at Wendy’s. I also got a salad for tomorrow. (Last nights very good turkey casserole that was for tonight… was left on counter all night.. I was a bit tired)
Back home just before my milking partner showed up. Miss JOJO is doing much better on milk stand.
And after checking emails etc and doing bit of typing here… I am headed for bed..

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