Goats, or how I have lost my marbles

Two weeks ago my dear Son in law was here at the mini farm. We were discussing the amount of weedy grass in the east pasture. I commented that I might have to spray since the ducks and geese were not able to keep up with the stuff! Hence, Jef says to get goats!!
I have toyed with getting some small ones. Bit of research on computer and I find a nice breeder in Utah. (Shadow Hills Ranch) We talked on phone and I said I wanted 2 or 3 does, preferring one in lactation. Yep, she had some.
Last Sat. Torrie and I drove 3 hours to get said goats. “Sally”, Cookie” and Jo Jo. All registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. (Hopefully we got Sally bred while up at the farm… to a guy named Buttermilk)*
Cookie will get bred this fall and JoJo is my current milker.
I have not milked goats since 2001… These girls are used to a mechanical milk machine.. ordered one ASAP.

* Buttermilk is really Jobi V Mr Buttermilk King *S
JoJo is New Shadow Hills G JoJO
Sally is MCB Winsor’s Golden Sally
Cookie is New Shadow Hills CookieNCream

more goat tails tomorrow… they are neverending

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1 thought on “Goats, or how I have lost my marbles

  1. Yep…let’s see those tails!


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