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Memorial Day is upon us.. as is a cluster of family birthdays and in June it will be 9 years since our hero went to heaven.
  LtC Charles E Munier 26 May 1956 – 12 June 2006.

Giving rice to refuges Afghanistan Oct 2005
Giving rice to refugees Afghanistan Oct 2005

In Oct of 2005 Chuck had been deployed for a few months to Afghanistan.   He and his patrol went to deliver rice and sugar to a refugee camp.  This was the first photo of him that I received via email.  He is giving rice to a young girl and her father.  The soldiers even took all the spare fuel from their vehicles to give to these people so that they could cook the rice and warm themselves.

Although Chuck had been on one other deployment in 1999, this was the first deployment to a war zone in his entire career.  He was very proud to serve and to help others.  (1999 deployment was a humanitarian one to Honduras.)  In Kabul and surrounding area Chuck had the opportunity to teach local law enforcement how to handle prison situations.  While he was there, there was a large uprising in a prison and the men (all local), handled it professionally.  Chuck was very proud of them!  He also had the opportunity to help build schools and I am sure he helped a lot of young folks.9978RGSo as I spend a somber Memorial day, I will honor his memory and the memories of child hood friend Mike B and classmates from high school who gave the ultimate sacrifice.   Also I will remember all those who served our country in all the many wars/conflicts.  Because of them we can put our memories on the paper/internet etc and not be persecuted for it.


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