Day Stuff etc

Well, another week is here!  computer keyboard keeps adding the letterr  rrrrr to stuff.. could be because I ate stuff here and got some on keyboard.   Space key not really working right eatherr.. (Joanne, I know you and Dan are crringing at this stuff)

The snow is melting, night temp was around 25 degrees last night, so ducks and geese are enjoying puddles.  Goats hate water worse than snow so they are not happy.   Chickens don’t really care as long as they can get outside.

Today I hope to bring most of my stuff home from the stitch store.  I am so glad to be done with it.   The boxes etc that are going to AZ will get packed in truck next week.  (no, not kids stuff, just stitchery items I have sold to a lady in AZ)

Well, must turn out birds, feed goats, and get busy on taxes, laundry etc etc etc.

BTW, Tobasco (my Keeshond ) got thru surgery last week and is doing much better… teeth clean and 3 tumors removed.

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