4 July 2016

Well, today is the day my dog needs a whole bunch of tranquilizers. The minute the small noise of the fireworks started, he went a bit nuts. I had goats going in panic mode and they didnt even care about Apollo (dog). Goats are now in there barn with extra hay, Apollo is under my chair. All vent fans on, AC on, small fans on, music cranked up… this will be a long night. BTW, it is not even dark here yet. Chickens hauled butt to their house after first sounds of explosions, ducks don’t care about anything but food and water!
Last year (and the one before that) I went to Joanne’s house at north end of town… left the two dogs with music. This year, dinner at Joanne’s and home to pacifiy critters.
Stitching is coming along well, I have 6 projects, three of which are classes, in the rotation bin. Eye sight is much better and wed. I get new prescription. I have also discovered (Thanks Kreinick for putting this toy in my hands) the Zoom Loom. It is a pin loom and boy is it a fun way to play with threads, colors and fibers.

1 thought on “4 July 2016

  1. we were a few miles from the city fireworks, tv up loud, dogs under blankets and they still freaked. except Sam, he slept through it he was tired and he is old and can’t hear as well…..Glad you are doing ok friend.


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