Week in review, or how I waste my time.

Ah, another week and another month… Where did the year go?
So this week I managed, with help, to finish painting the shop. Still have to do new window trim but that I will paint inside the shop then put up. And the border trim where the two sections of siding meet.

Ebay selling is going well. Getting rid of a lot of stitchery stuff that I have had from closing several stores… yes, some even from the Stitchin Tree in Laramie a long time ago!

I actually feel like I am getting ahold of life, at least until the tiger (who I have by the tail at the moment) decides to take a nip out of me. Dishes done every day, laundry done, washed dryed and put away!!! Exercises done every morning and my new eating habit (enforced by Dr and my tummy) is going well. Even lost a few pounds in Oct.

The three chickens, Sassy, Blondie, and Minnie, are laying a few eggs. Mr B is just strutting his stuff now that HE is the rooster. Not that Sassy isnt the one who really runs the roost. (and takes a peck at poor Apollo off and on)
The nine infamous ducks are getting conditioned to me carrying a blue bucket… they know food when they see it. And they sound like an old laugh track on a movie.

Spent saterday downtown watching the Livestock parade, or should I say the Running of the Sheep. At one point all 200 or so sheep took a left turn into a parking lot, jumping people in the process… way to fun. Lots of varatey in sheep camp wagons, most sporting solar panels!


Sorry about all the mis spellings but this computer and program seem to think ‘spell check’ is a non-item. And as many know, I cant spell, never could, probably never will.

Now I shall try to put a few photos in this post..  well,,, no photos today.. computer and program are disagreeing

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