Sanity Plan for 2022

Well, 2022 is off to a screaming start… Really good for me but then too… I have been on Prednisone for a few days… to total out at 2 weeks’ worth so I am getting stuff done, feeling no pain, and driving everyone else nuts… don’t sleep much either.I have made the wise decision not to go back to college… I prefer to do my own thing at this point and the driving, studies, trying to get what I want to do done around the schedules of others is way too much of a pain in the ass. Life is too short to waste it on such stuff.   And I have learned many skills, especially in the woodworking that I want to pursue… and no way am I training to go out and get a JOB !   Don’t need the money anyway… (Thank you Chuck for providing so well for me, never thought life would be like this.. am in lap of luxury but I do miss him very much ☹ )

So here is the plan for the new year…

NO complaining about shit I can’t do anything about anyway…

Wake up happy that I wake up at all and thank God for every minute.

Watch the birds out my window or from my patio

Plant plants for the joy of good food, great colors, and knowing I am able to do it.

Read at least, or listen to, 3 books a week.

Play in my little wood shop… I am really having fun making bandsaw boxes.

Write in this journal at least 4 times a week,,, and pop some stuff into the blog.

Keep blog (WordPress) updated weekly or so with sculpture, notes etc

            Life in Arizona, wood, ideas etc… all positive stuff


 Get stuff organized:  Stitch books, pantries, yard, kitchen, stitch room, art area, woodshop, eBay, MY LIFE!

Get eBay store up running better and sort all the crap in it…

Keep filling the Mall of Peddlers booth and cabinet with the stitch and the tiny stuff I need to clear out of the house.


Lose a few more pounds… see walk above 😊

Watch clouds go by



Stitch.. finish a few projects

Sew… learn to use the big machine and get some clothes made!

Start transferring writing from journals into the computer by both scan and retype (stories for retype revisions)

Sort photos on the computer and put them into correct files and names so I can find shit

!!!!!!!!!! well, bumped the computer table, turned everything off! And yea… autosave kept it for me… got to love technology..

I have found,,, this am sitting here typing… I have a very very good spot now to type in… quite comfortable, good posture etc   I have not had this good a setup in eons!   (Thank you Torrie for the enablement at Staples to get a good computer desk, and chair… and to keep Black Cat (my desktop computer) flying along.  Gaming equipment really is worth the money even if you don’t ‘game’!

I do feel like I have turned a corner in life and thanks to Torrie and my VA counselor, I am going to try to stay this new course… I am a stubborn cuss so If I let myself settle then all will be well.

So to all who waded thru this bit of chatter, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful start to your new year also… It has been a wild ride the last few years but we can each make it better by focusing on our own priorities, not everyone else’s (since we can’t do anything about them anyway even if we think we can) and SMILE at the world and sun shining down… YOU COULD BE DEAD after all 🙂


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