Sunrise Glory

Out my window this early January morning.

Fri  Jan 14, 2022, blog  

Oh, what a glorious day to see with the sun peaking around my tree!

Two Hummingbirds, probably Costas, are zipping from spot to spot to grab a bit of breakfast… A very silly (yes, they are silly) Curved beak Thrasher hit the green top feeder before the sun was even up.  He was insistent on an early breakfast. Due to the overcast sky, the bees are not out yet, but the temp is in low 50 (F).

Positives for today:      SMILE, ignore any little irritations… and boy, are there a lot of them out in the world.  

{{{{{   for those of you new to reading my blips… I love ellipsis…  and hate to try to spell (Thanks to Grammarly my writing is not as bad as it could be)  I also don’t give a flip about runnnnnnn on sentancesssssss…   THIS IS NOT AN ENGLISH PAPER…….. DO NOT PLAY “TEACHER” AND TRY TO CORRECT MY WORK ( I will block you if you bug me)

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